CX Event Design 
Create unique corporate events 

More and more companies are celebrating their customer focused approach through special events like CX Day or CX Week. Join them and we will help you to design the whole concept of your upcoming CX event. 


CX Day/Week, what it is?

It's a one-day or multi-day corporate event that aims to raise awareness within organisations of the role of putting the customer and their experience at the heart of business development.


It usually takes the form of a series of speeches, workshops and debates on customer experience hosted online or offline.

Design your CX event

At FUZERS we believe that company CX Days and CX Weeks should not only be a celebration of customer experience and customer centricity but also a good and value-adding experience for employees. 


That is why we have combined our experience from project work in the Customer Experience area with our experience in organising TEDx conferences and participation in TED meetings.


And based on this, we developed the "CX Event Design" process, which combines organisational best practice with user-centred design, in this case the event participant.


What we are going to do?

The CX Event Design process consists of a series of workshops during which, using our tools, we work on the concept of the event and its course.

We provide inspiration for specific solutions or help you develop ideas for the course and shape of your CX Day or CX Week.

We will also gladly involve your event agency in this process, so that the implementation of the developed concepts and flows goes smoothly.