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We help companies  build a customer focus into the way they work.



CX Transformation

Building and implementing a customer-centric vision, strategy and business model that not only puts customers at the center of the business but also operationalises specific CX initiatives.

Customer Research & Data

We design and run discovery phases that help you to gather qualitative, quantitative and behavioral data about your customers. You can then make strategic business decisions based on solid information and analysis.

Voice of the Customer

We analyse and improve current VOC programs and systems in your organisation. If necessary, we design them from scratch or recommend ready-made technological solutions.

Experience Design

We help you to redesign end-to end customer journey to eliminate most critical pain points and improve satisfaction scores while working to fine tune your services so that customers have a better and more consistent experience across all brand touchpoints.

User Experience Design (UX)

We help make customers' lives easier by designing simple and usable interfaces that make using digital services a smooth experience.

CX & EX Metrics

We select or design metrics that allow you to monitor progress in improving customer and employee experiences.

Digital Customer Journey

Based on customer research and data, we create digital customer journeys to help you understand your customers’ perspectives, behaviours and emotions. This a first step to digitazing and streamlining your opreating model.

Employee experience

Together, we will work on employee experience and a customer-centric culture. After all, this is one of the first steps in improving how your customers are experiencing your brand.


Through dedicated learning programs we support competence development in building and developing customer-centric organisations. We also create dedicated CX content (recordings, podcasts, articles, guidebooks) to support the building of CX awareness in organisations.




"Professional cooperation and very well executed joint project. Customer-centric attitude and focus on finding good solutions. Expert knowledge of Service Design, Customer Experience and UX. I wish I had more such #human relations in my business life. Cooperation in a very pleasant atmosphere, highly recommended! I am looking forward to more joint projects."

Paulina Franczak-Sherpa

Stategic Marketing Projects Director, Credit Agricole Bank Polska



Grow your business based on a better customer and employee experience.

In a world where services and products are increasingly similar, it is the area of experience that is becoming the field where we can differentiate ourselves from the competition.

This is not easy. And often requires reframing how we work, create and improve products and services.


But above all, it requires an openness to listening to customers and employees, engaging them in co-creation and transforming their feedback intro concrete projects, initiatives and improvements.


In this context we offer you highly personalized services that help you to plan for and begin your CX and EX journey. We also aid in growing and scaling this approach in case you are already on the way.



Let's CX together


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